LeddarVision Low-Level Sensor Fusion and Perception (6)
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Exploring the Relationships Between ADAS, E/E Architectures and Perception Systems

Advances in ADAS, over-the-air updates and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication promise a transformative future. This vision is materializing today as automotive manufacturers and their Tier 1-2 suppliers pivot towards a software-defined future, laying the foundation for the forthcoming evolution in transportation.

The impact of this shift will be felt by all: from ADAS developers looking to develop high-performance and reliable ADAS, to electrical/electronic (E/E) architects looking to minimize costs while building a scalable platform, to strategy and finance professionals who must anticipate the impact of their upcoming software-defined vehicles on market share.

This White Paper explains the ramifications of the shift towards a software-defined future for auto OEMs and their suppliers

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