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Meet the Speakers:

Pierre Olivier, Eng., Chief Technology Officer: Pierre is recognized for his technical expertise as well as his vision. He has decades of experience in the development of high-tech products and is a well-known industry speaker at ADAS and AD technology events and conferences throughout North America and Europe.

Hannah Osborn, Director, America Sales & Business Development: Hannah is a respected automotive director and engineering expert. Serving as the Director of America Sales and Business Development, she adeptly combines technical skill with a genuine passion for advancing safety technologies. Gain valuable insights into the future of automotive safety and innovation through her perspective.


Exclusive Webinar Announcement! 

Discover the strategic intricacies of sensor fusion for constructing precise environmental models in our upcoming webinar: "Optimizing ADAS Systems: A Deep Dive Into Sensor Fusion and Perception."

What to Expect:

🔹 Illuminating presentation: Acquire an incisive understanding of varied sensor fusion approaches and their far-reaching implications on the quality of environmental models. Grasp the profound effects of these choices on performance, cost, scalability and adaptability.

🔹 Live Q&A opportunity: Pose your queries directly to our experts during the live Q&A session. Garner first-hand responses and enhance your knowledge.

🔹 Engaging panel discussion: Pierre and Hannah uncover the different approaches to sensor fusion and perception and how they impact the quality of the environmental model. They will compare the approaches that different perception providers in the industry have taken and their short and long-term consequences for ADAS and AD developers, such as OEMs and Tier 1s, in terms of performance, cost, scalability, time-to-market and flexibility.

Secure your attendance today to access exclusive insights that empower more effective and efficient ADAS and AD development strategies. Capitalize on this opportunity to gain a competitive edge within the dynamic automotive landscape.