-Application Note-
LeddarEngine Fundamentals:
LCA2 and LCA3 LeddarCore SoCs and LeddarSP

By Patrice Dionne, Application Engineer

The LCA2 & LCA3 LeddarCore™ Data Acquisition and Processing Systems on chip (SoC) are the central hardware components of LeddarTech’s Automotive LiDAR Platform.

Those two LiDAR SoCs are more than simple multichannel data acquisition components: they act as light emission and acquisition timing controllers and perform a first layer of data pre-processing to maximize the performance of any LiDAR design based on light time of flight (ToF) measurements.

the LeddarCore SoC works in parallel with the LeddarSP™ software library, which runs on a separate microcontroller (MCU). Advanced data analysis leading to high accuracy and high range distance measurements is performed by the LeddarSP within the MCU. The LeddarSP application programming interface (API) allows data access to any custom application co-implemented in the MCU.

Together, LeddarCore and LeddarSP form the LeddarEngine™, designed according to ISO 26262 ASIL-B.

Learn more about the fundamentals of this powerful combination at the core of our powerful LiDAR development and design platform.


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